“I wish I had banner crusher last week. I had just finished a banner buy and had to work with the graphics and custom sizes for the campaign. This software would have saved me a bunch of time. I was able to complete a custom Facebook banner in about 2 minutes which helped a great deal.”
– Jim Hudson

“I have been shifting alot of my focus to paid traffic because it is the easiest way to scale an online business fast. I was spending so much time on making banners and split testing FB ads until I got a hold of BannerCrusher. Now I can create 60 FB ads in 5 seconds and have a bunch of proven banners to use when doing my media buying.

Anyone serious aboud paid traffic needs BannerCrusher. It will save you loads of time and a bunch of money!”
– Brandon Shelton

Everything I’ve bought from Paul Clifford is an excellent buy. He’s also great with customer service and loves helping people. The fact this is also made cross platform to work on pc and mac is major plus for me and most marketers I know since most have a mac these days as well. Looking forward to playing with this.
– PerthAdGuy

Another great product from Paul and Jay
– Simon Warner

“Hey Paul, just wanted to drop you a few words of thanks about BannerCrusher.
First off I love that it’s built in Adobe Air, as a Mac user it’s always disheartening to see great software released exclusively for the Microsoft platform. It installed and was up and running in a couple of minutes
Secondly, talk about useful. You’ve covered all the core ad creatives and the social media branding (Facebook banners, etc) just add to the value here.
Most importantly though I’ve already seen some great ROIs with a few test banner campaigns (16x is my best so far!). Being a testing freak I love paid traffic but often the biggest barrier to getting started is getting the banner artwork done. I’ve tried Fiverr repeatedly but keep getting frustrated having to wait 3 days and then find out that the outsourcer didn’t understand my instructions
Now my banner creation is a 10 minute process, no waiting, no fuss and no wasting $5 on outsourcers who can’t deliver on time!”
– AJ Silvers

We are creating a new online version of bannercrusher.. and until its ready and paint has dried we have removed the buy buttons…just for now.




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